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Kavita’s unique background in business and Project Management distinguishes her from other real estate professionals we have worked with GTA and Toronto in particular. In addition to doing all the preparations for the listing, she sourced the contractors and personally oversaw the renovations we needed to do to get the place in move-in condition. After just open house, Kavita secured us an offer at our full asking price. I highly recommend Kavita for her expertise and professionalism.  

Edgar & Carmen


Kavita was a very professional, diligent, and overall reliable agent when working through the process of buying my home. As it was a first home for me, there was definitely some hand-holding along the way. I gave her the specs as well as the area(s) I wanted to purchase my home, and she was readily available with recommendations/opinions. Not only was she able to provide apartment advice, she had a long list of preferred attorneys / architects / contractors / banks etc. for the closing process. Without her expertise, the process would have been quite a bit more stressful. I highly recommend her for any transaction (buy/ sell) as it was a very seamless process.



Kavita was a great agent for a first time home buyer in Toronto. She helped me go through the process extremely quickly, I was in my lovely new apartment in no time. She is very helpful and willing to take a lot work off my shoulders. She also helped negotiate the purchase price lower which I greatly appreciated.  



Kavita was very responsive and helpful throughout the home purchase process for my wife and I. She was readily available to chat when needed, took care of answering our questions (or pointing us in the right direction to another resource where applicable), and helped to keep our best interests in mind from beginning to end.  

Joan & Ed


Kavita is outstanding! She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Always seeing the big picture. If you have no idea where to start, she will set the path and take you carefully and clearly through it till the end. She was and still is in touch with us even after the closing.

Abhinav & Pooja